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Does Being Cool Really Matter? Yes.


Revenue loss from 21 days of heat stress on a 300 cow-calf operation.

92% More

States with an average temperature cooler than Texas.

105 Degrees

Heat index when show animals need moving air via fans.

658 Deaths

Average number of heat related deaths every year in the United States.

16.6% Less

Productivity loss when working in temperatures over 92°F.

How Portacool Helps You?

Simple Solution

Installing, operating, and maintaining a Portacool unit is easy and effective. All you need is an electrical outlet for power and access to a water supply using a simple water hose and you’re good to go.

Great Results

Lowering the temperature within any area is what Portacool products were designed for. Similar to A/C units, the cooling effect of our evaporative units provide temperature reduction across an expansive space similar to traditional A/C applications.

Low Cost

A/C vs. Portacool unit implementations can’t compare on upfront, ongoing, or maintenance costs. Evaporative cooling is effective, efficient, and enjoys a fractional investment compared to A/C systems.

Who Trusts Texas Portacool?

Horn Livestock - Agribusiness
San Antonio Livestock Show & Rodeo - Agribusiness Client
UPS - Commercial Client
American Cancer Society - Commercial Client
Baker Hughes - Commercial Client

Where Do Portacool Solutions Work?


Agriculture and livestock based businesses can make or break profitability targets solely upon the effectiveness of their team and quality of the product produced. Uncomfortable conditions for humans and animals contribute to risk factors that should and can be mitigated before they surface and inhibit goal achievement.


Spending ample time in your garage working on: restoring that Shelby Mustang GT500, projects with your children, or home improvement tasks can be brutal due to the heat. You’ve considered installing AC, but the cost outweighs the benefit on every front unless you’re considering a Portacool evaporative cooling solution.


Factories, warehouses, shops, or any area where your team is twisting the wrench frequently experience unacceptable levels of heat and humidity. The want, need, and justification for providing a comfortable environment is effectively solved by introducing flexible Portacool units.


Most events in Texas occupy outside venues, occur between spring and fall, and often experience high temperatures. Registration areas and high-popularity attractions benefit from strategic placement of multiple Portacool units to alleviate the heat for event participants even if it’s for a short period of time as they move between event attractions.

Which Cool Do You Need?


When your needs for cooling an area are temporary, questionable, or unknown we understand and provide rental services across all of Texas.

Buy New

You understand the need for cooling down hot situations, lean more towards equipment purchase vs. renting, and realize that Portacool products deliver the needs of your wants.

Buy Reconditioned

You, your team, or event attendees are hot and need to cool down, but paying for new equipment sounds like a stretch on the budget.

Hurricane Series

Large spaces from 3,500 to 6,250 sq. ft.

Jetstream Series

Medium to Large spaces from 700 to 5,625 sq. ft.

Cyclone Series

Small to medium spaces from 300 to 2,100 sq. ft.

Classic Series

Classic Portacool Series

Trusted by many to enhance comfort and productivity.

Industrial Series

Safely cool combustible industrial spaces up to 2,500 sq. ft.

Does Your Cool Need More Cool?


Clients that encounter issues with their Portacool products only need to contact us and express the perceived issue. It’s not cold enough, it’s too cold, or it’s making a weird sound like a possum is in there fighting to get out are a few examples our team is willing, able, and ready to address.

Questions about Service?


Similar to changing the oil in your car, mechanical devices frequently utilize parts that are designed to enhance efficiency and effectiveness, but their contribution diminishes over time. We have every part, for every unit, and know how to get your Portacool back up and running fast.

Questions about Parts?


Texas Portacool is the only distributor that accepts trade-ins. We understand your need to upgrade equipment, desire to receive compensation for your pre-owned equipment, and embrace your continuance in enjoying the benefits Portacool products deliver towards your cooling needs.

Questions about Trade-Ins?

Who is Texas Portacool?

Proud Initial Distributor

Our organization has been working with Portacool for 20+ years and we’re proud that our affiliation represents one of the first five distributors and full-service partners within Portacool’s history. Our commitment, experience, and expertise has a foundation built from the concept, creation, and operation Portacool has successfully executed for more than 20 years.

Top Reconditioned Partner

Our early affiliation with Portacool, proximity to corporate operations, and exceptional client satisfaction rates has resulted in Portacool choosing Texas Portacool, Inc. to exclusively manage their reconditioned inventory sales. Leveraging our depth of experience within: service, parts, and sales has placed Texas Portacool, Inc. at the forefront for reconditioned Portacool products.

Rare Trade-In Distributor

We understand the value of your seasoned Portacool unit and realize that compensating your organization for the value of your trade-in makes sense from both your and our perspectives. Our service experience allows us to accept trade-ins from customers not only in Texas, but from a number of contiguous States, with plans to rapidly expand this service offering very soon.

Questions? We Have Answers

We look forward to speaking with you soon and appreciate the opportunity to answer any questions regarding Portacool rentals, service, and purchases.


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  • Wish you were in Texas: (877) 680-COOL (2665)
  • GM’s mobile: (210) 325-0258 (Marshall Flores)


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