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Why Does Agribusiness Trust Texas Portacool?


Revenue loss from 21 days of heat stress on a 300 cow-calf operation.

92% More

States with an average temperature cooler than Texas.

105 Degrees

Heat index when show animals need moving air via fans.

658 Deaths

Average number of heat related deaths every year in the United States.

16.6% Less

Productivity loss when working in temperatures over 92°F.

Who Keeps Horn Livestock Cool? We Do.

Horn Livestock personifies the moxy that drips from every pore Texas has to offer. Being the best, biggest, or undisputed champion isn’t what Texas brags about and neither does Horn Livestock. Simply because they don’t have to.

Since 1998 Horn Livestock has earned the respect throughout the agribusiness community by producing, what can only be explained as, one of the most impressive, exclusive, and sought after resumes specializing in: Steers, Bulls, Cows, Heifers, and Embryos / Semen.

When Horn Livestock needs to keep their show-grade animals, sires, and investments cool from the Texas heat they use evaporative cooling technology provided by Texas Portacool. We’ve worked with Horn Livestock for many years and through our understanding of cooling and Horn’s team regarding their investments, we’ve configured a best-in-class cooling configuration that includes: ten 48” and eight 36” Portacool units to reduce the heat where it’s most efficient and effective.

Similar to Horn Livestock, Texas Portacool applies methodical, mathematical, and risk-averse solutions that deliver results today, tomorrow, and for years to come. We partner with our clients to not only deliver solutions, but to understand and more importantly realize their goals and how our experience and technology can contribute towards meeting and exceeding their expectations.

Who is Texas Portacool?

Proud Initial Distributor

Our organization has been working with Portacool for 20+ years and we’re proud that our affiliation represents one of the first five distributors and full-service partners within Portacool’s history. Our commitment, experience, and expertise has a foundation built from the concept, creation, and operation Portacool has successfully executed for more than 20 years.

Top Reconditioned Partner

Our early affiliation with Portacool, proximity to corporate operations, and exceptional client satisfaction rates has resulted in Portacool choosing Texas Portacool, Inc. to exclusively manage their reconditioned inventory sales. Leveraging our depth of experience within: service, parts, and sales has placed Texas Portacool, Inc. at the forefront for reconditioned Portacool products.

Rare Trade-In Distributor

We understand the value of your seasoned Portacool unit and realize that compensating your organization for the value of your trade-in makes sense from both your and our perspectives. Our service experience allows us to accept trade-ins from customers not only in Texas, but from a number of contiguous States, with plans to rapidly expand this service offering very soon.

Agribusiness Cooling Questions? We Have Answers.

We look forward to speaking with you soon and appreciate the opportunity to answer any questions regarding your agribusiness sales, rentals, or maintenance needs for Portacool products.


  • Texas proud: (210) 680-COOL (2665)
  • Wish you were in Texas: (877) 680-COOL (2665)
  • GM’s mobile: (210) 325-0258 (Marshall Flores)


Mailing Address

Texas Port-A-Cool Inc.

PO Box 760938

San Antonio, TX 78245